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The Importance Of Digital Marketing

Businesses are always looking for new ways to attract consumers and grow their customer base and a great way to do this is by focusing on digital marketing. Digital marketing entails many components that include advertising through search engines, social media, video content creation and more.

The goal of these strategies is to create eye-catching messages that will appeal to the target audience. But who exactly is your target audience, where do they spend their time, and what do they value? When creating digital marketing campaigns, you have to know who you are talking to before you can possibly know what to say.

The importance of understanding your customer

The fundamental purpose of marketing is to attract consumers to your brand, so messaging needs to be on target and relevant. Your customers aren’t an mysterious mass; they are individuals with problems that you can solve.

A great way to improve your marketing is through research. Of course, the type of research you conduct will depend on the size and scope of your business. Put in time and effort into understanding who your customers are and you will be able to produce better content with a higher likelihood of success.

TIP: Remember, what works today might not work tomorrow, so continuous research will help to keep your marketing messages relevant and on-brand.

How to understand your customers better through surveys, and interviews

Surveys, or interviews can help you understand what current and potential customers want from your products or services and how they perceive your brand so far.

Asking questions is the simplest way to understand who you are trying to reach and how you can better serve their needs. For example, you can speak to existing customers to find out more about how they use your products or services, or you can talk to potential customers. Social media and sites like Quora are an excellent choice for speaking directly to potential customers.

Understanding the customer journey through data analysis

Speaking to people isn’t the only way you can gather insight into customer behaviour. Your website and social media channels will contain plenty of wisdom if you’re happy to start digging.

Google Analytics contains a wealth of information about the customer journey, including which content your customers find most valuable and which content they skim over.

You can also upgrade your UX research by adding a tool like Hotjar to your website. This will offer more insight into how users interact with your website.

The data you collect will help guide your future decisions, which can help you to make sure you’re focussing on the right channels. It can also help you to spot any potential disconnect. For example, customers might be very engaged on social media but drop off when they land on your website. This could indicate that your website content isn’t matching their expectations.

Need help getting your content marketing back on track? We’re here to help! Contact us today to learn how we can help you grow your business!

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