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Easy Marketing Ideas For Wedding Professionals

Although lucrative, the wedding industry is incredibly competitive. If you have a wedding business, you’ll 100% understand this, and know how difficult it can be to reach the truckloads of couples, looking to get married. Luckily there are many marketing concepts and initiatives you can apply, to make you stand out. Here’s some we’ve put together to raise your company’s profile:

Website and blog

To build your digital footprint, you’ll need an online home where people can find all the information about your company and its services. Another important section to include on your website is a blog. A blog will strengthen your brand’s personality and expertise and gives you the opportunity to tell potential clients all about your services, the wedding industry, and upcoming trends.

Styled photoshoots

Build a visual bank of professional shots, and styled photoshoots that presents your work in the best light. The results of this effort will make for great wedding marketing material, and you can use them for your website, social media, ads, banners and more.

Host a competition

One of the most common ways for companies to attract more couples is to host a giveaway. Before you begin create a plan and think about the audience you want to target. Then create vigilant content and images to complement your giveaway. Make sure you understand the online rules for hosting a competition on social media. They change all the time so keep visiting Facebook.

Create a freebie

Creating a free item is better known as a lead magnet and is the most recognised way to get more customers to visit your website and sign up to your mailing list. Try starting with a one-page document such as a checklist and generate it in PDF format which you can create yourself using free tools such as Canva.

Wedding fairs

Wedding fairs are a tried-and-tested wedding marketing strategy. They are a fantastic way of networking with other suppliers and also attracting couples. Remember don’t forget to follow up with those you network with at the fairs.

If you need help identifying opportunities to grow your wedding business, we’d love to help you. Please contact us for a free 30 min consultation to discuss your marketing needs.

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