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Let's start by defining what we believe a business consultant is. A consultant is a person who provides expert and professional advice and new strategies to help your business move forward. Someone who has worked within their specialised field for years and who can offer assistance to businesses going through the same struggles that we all endure. 


My role within Infinite Management is to advise and guide wedding suppliers and/or venues to gain the success they truly deserve. I am passionate about helping businesses just like yours achieve the best possible results and deliver paramount experiences to your clients.

It’s such a pleasure being a part of a growing business, and seeing others succeed from help that I have given, this is truly a passion of mine. 


As I have owned and run a wedding business myself, I understand that often, particularly within the first few years of trading, cash flow can become a problem for small to medium companies. Often, I have spoken to business owners who have said “I simply can’t afford help”. For this reason, I wanted to ensure our pricing was cost effective and can easily fit into new businesses cash flow. It's so important to invest in your business and yourself, growth and innovation is what drives your business forward. 


So, do you need the help of a consultant?

Take some time to really think about the questions below:


  • Is the business is about to launch for the first time?

  • Is this something totally new to the career you have previously pursued?

  • Is the business established but has lost its way and needs some fresh eyes?

  • Are there some staffing issues and the culture is that of a negative one?

  • Are your sales decreasing?

  • Are the enquiries of poor quality and conversion rate of bookings is low?

  • Are your current marketing strategies stale, and not working like they used to?

  • Are your 'on the day' logistics failing and feedback hasn't been great?


If you answered yes to even one of those questions, the likelihood of you requiring just a little extra help is high. However, just because you require help does not mean you have failed or are doing a bad job. Every company and entrepreneur faces challenges daily in their business. We’ve all made mistakes and we all get a little stuck sometimes. That’s where I come in.

I listen to what you and your team need, your goals and aspirations, and work with you to achieve success. I am fully committed to the successful delivery of events and will always go that extra mile to make that happen. I collaborate with developers, owners and managers to shape concepts, enhance infrastructure and generate plans. I understand that no two vendors are the same, therefore we offer personalised and flexible services to suit your needs. The knowledge and experience I draw from my past to personally help you is infinite. 



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