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Adopt these habits to become more successful

Have you ever wondered how individuals like yourself, seem to be getting further in life and squeezing more out of their time than you are? How do these people do it? How are they getting up in the morning, dropping their kids off at school, doing an hours work out in the gym, getting to work on time, completing all of their jobs and more, eating nutritious meals/maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making it home in time to have dinner with their families? It just doesn't seem possible, does it? Well you see, what you may not realise is there is an art to getting all of the above done. I've picked my favourite habits out of many, and have chosen ones I have taken on myself over the past couples of years. Success comes from within, and only you can make the change. 

1. Stop checking your emails every 30 minutes

Designate a time of day to check your emails, and do not give them your attention more than twice a day. Open them up at the beginning and/or end of every day.  Designate a particular amount of time (up to an hour) to check, delete and respond to only important emails. Stop wasting time on junk mail or being polite and sending 'no thank you' emails and close your email window as soon as you're done. Do not have them constantly running in the background!*Sub-note: STOP CHECKING YOUR FACEBOOK EVERY 10 MINUTES, TOO! 

2. Set your alarm a little earlier

This one is simple. Get more hours out of your day by getting up an hour or two earlier. Use your mornings productively and get into a routine. I personally get up around 7am (as any earlier than that and I'm a grouch all day), grab a coffee, read a chapter or two of my latest book (currently reading: The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F by Sarah Knight), Spend 30 minutes checking my personal AND work emails, and finally checking all my social media platforms before starting work.

3. Read more

Many if not all successful individuals fit reading time into their daily routines. Use books to learn life skills, learn from others' mistakes and improve your concentration skills. I am currently in the midst of reading two books consecutively. I spend around 30 minutes in the morning reading either a business related or self-help book and spend another 30 minutes to an hour reading a fictional book before bed. 

4. Make time to meditate

Reep the benefits that meditation has to offer by spending at least 10 minutes every day on your mind. Quiet all the inner noise and focus on you and your well-being. The benefits of meditation are endless, helping people overcome anxiety, stress and self confidence while also improving your concentration skills, happiness and immune health. It isn't easy to begin with, and it takes a lot of perseverance but once it becomes a habit, you'll certainly see a difference in your physical and mental health. If you're a beginner (like I was) try downloading the fabulous meditation app 'Calm' which is perfect for beginners and experts a-like. 

5. Spend more time with those you aspire to be like, and less time with those you don't.

Sometimes, success can be as simple as surrounding yourself with others that you either look up to or consider successful within life. If your circle is full of those who have no aspirations, goals or self value, their personality and habits will begin to rub off on you. Spend time growing your personal network and connections, and remove yourself from toxic situations. 

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