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Adapting your wedding industry business during a global pandemic

As we muddle through the last leg of week 6 of the UK Coronavirus lockdown, we wanted to talk a little bit about how some businesses within the industry have innovatively adapted their services to tie in with all of the current rules and regulations.

Of course, the ideas have not been 'trialed and tested' as this situation is entirely new to all of us, however, this is the better option rather than giving up and saying 'there's nothing I can do'. Take a moment to really think about it, can you adapt any of these unique ideas to your own company, allowing you to work through the current pandemic?

1. Virtual / Online Appointments

It's time to start putting all of the latest technology that we own to good use. Virtual appointments can apply to almost any business within the wedding industry.

Venues & Wedding Attire Outlets: Could you offer a virtual tour of your event space, or bridal shop? Allowing couples to take a 'walk around' is the perfect way to continue with enquiries that might be coming in for later this year, or even into 2021/22. Be sure to video all areas/dresses etc and be prepared to answer any questions couples might have.

Beauty, Hair, Make Up and Photographers (for the companies within the industry who do not necessarily have a 'physical' location or product): Do you have the amenities to set up online meetings from your home? You can talk about everything you would normally discuss in person, showing any products such as sample photo albums or make up pallets to the client over the video call, and answer any questions the couple might have.

Cars/Transport, Stationers, Venue Stylists, Prop Companies etc (anyone with physical products to show clients): Is there somewhere you could set up an area in your home or even office to showcase your products and/or services? Could you set up your photo-booth in the garage or a sample table layout in your dining room? Is your vintage car at home, and are you able to take a video of the exterior and interior of it?

Think outside the box and allow your clients to set up a video chat with yourself, while taking a nose around the products that you offer.

2. Send Testers

This one is for those offering a perishable service such as: bakers, cocktail bars, catering etc. Have a think about everything you offer and ask yourself if you could send any of these items via a delivery service. Could you package up cake samples, cocktail or grazing boxes for clients to be able to sample?

3. Reassure the couples

I've spoken to hundreds of couples recently who are utterly panicked because they haven't heard from their chosen suppliers. If you haven't already, send out an email or make a call to all of your booked clients, to let them know your current situation. Even if that situation is 'nothing has changed for your booking' just hearing from you will ease any worries your couples might have. There is so much fake news going around at the moment, and it's sending many people into a frenzy of what if's and worries.

4. Manage your cash flow & furlough staff

If you haven't already, make sure to furlough any staff that you cannot afford to pay within the coming months. It will free up cash within your business, and your staff will still be paid up to 80% of their wages from the government. Take a look through all of your outgoings. Is there anything you could cut back on or even remove entirely? Apply to grants, loans and offerings from the government that you're entitled to and do your research on what you can and can't do during these times.

5. Take the time to tidy up

If you've found yourself with some extra time, keep busy by tidying up your business. Whether you've got a physical location you could spruce up or a website that could do with updating. Use the time to go through your business and marketing plan, set new goals, decide where to invest so everything's ready to go, once things start getting back to 'normal'.


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