At first glance, you might look at our services and think "How does that work? Weddings, Events and Business all under one roof?" 

And we don't blame you, it might seem like an odd mix so let us explain further...

The Infinite Management Co was founded in 2016 by co-owners Debbie Knifton & Becca Shelley. Between them, they have over 15 years experience in the hospitality industry. Having worked, run and owned restaurants, bars and venues, the pair decided it was time to help others fly over the hurdels that they had once struggled to mount.


Our business consultancy services are not limited to restaurants, bars and venues, however this is where our speciality lies. This is where our services tie in. Not only can we help business owners start up, develop and increase their business, we can help organise, run and manage events either for business owners or private clients. We have hosted every occasion you could think of, from public family fun days and regattas to large weddings and parties.