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10 Reasons to use social media to market your business.

1. Your clients are online

If you didn't already know this, it's 2020 and over 2.9 BILLION consumers are using one or more social media accounts. We can guarantee that no matter what business you have, your clients are online and you can easily reach them via social media.

2. Target your ideal client

By using social media for business, you can create campaigns and advertisements that will reach your target customers. You can determine who see's your content, using:

- Age

- Gender

- Location

- Behaviours

- Interests

- Hobbies

- And more!

3. Build your awareness and recognition

Using social media as a way to increase your brand awareness is a no brainer. As you've just seen above, over 2.9 billion users are online, and by having one or more active social media account, you're reaching more and more potential clients every day. People will come to recognise your company within the industry, and see you as an authority figure.

4. It's cost effective

As well as being great to boost brand awareness, social media can be highly cost effective. We've worked with clients who have had huge success with facebook marketing campaigns, where the ROI has been higher than anyone ever expected. You also don't have to spend any money at all to reach new clients on social media. By using groups and engaging with clients, you can start bringing in leads without spending a penny.

4. Engage with potential clients

As mentioned above, social media is the perfect place to communicate with consumers. People will often comment on posts or within groups, and this is a great opportunity to get people taking with and about your business.

6. Showing authenticity

Using social media to showcase your authenticity is a must. You need show customers you're not all about sales and money. People love to be educated and feel like they're getting something of value from businesses, as opposed to being just another sale that will soon be forgotten about, particularly within the wedding industry. Show your clients that you value their custom, and give them something extra; share your knowledge.

7. Increase your website traffic

You can use social media as a way to drive more traffic to your website. Make sure to include links, preferably to fun or educational content, within your posts and on your page info. Doing this drives more traffic to your website and you can specify a chosen page that you really want your clients to land on.

8. Improve your SEO

Many people do not realise the impact that having one or more social media accounts can boost your SEO. Often, search engines will favour social media links to website links, as these can often be more active and more widely used than anything else. It's also important to use your keywords throughout your social media pages, which is another great way to improve your SEO.

9. Get recommended

More and more of us are turning to personal recommendations via social media. We love to know that someone has used this company and are personally saying "Yes, these people are great at what they do". I am personally in a bunch of groups on facebook, from dachshund owners to general discussion groups and I will very often tag a business in posts, where people are asking for recommendations.

10. Gain authority

Firstly, being an authoritative figure within your industry means being seen as an expert, someone who has an extensive amount of knowledge about your particular services or products. Social media is an excellent way to send out this message, and show your clients that you're the people to go to within your industry.

If you're interested in hearing more about how social media can improve your lead generation and conversion rates, get in touch for a free consult with our social media guru, Becca:


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